Hello and welcome to my little blog. This is my first real attempt at writing since my daughter was born, so posts may not be so regular or profound, but then again, they may. So do yourself a favour and RSS this thing or click to follow. That way, you’ll be sure to catch whatever meandering commentary I’ve dreamed to bless the world (you, my lovelies) with.

Speaking of, this is what you can hope to find contained herein: Big Words – but not too many, Opinions that just will not keep to themselves, Spelling Errors (because my fingers have the dementia. Shh! They don’t realise it, yet.), British Style Spellings – though you may categorise them under the preceding item, Commas and more commas because they’re cool, Copious Cursing and/or Swearing because I’m Serbian (among other things) and it’s genetic, Vitriol, Spite, Fury, Suggestions of Righteous Violence, Moonbeams, Birdsong, Fluffy Mushroom Unicorn Mating Rituals, Gushing Sarcasm, and Unapologetic Idealism.

I will probably also speak of my daughter, and how I perceive this world’s impact on her and hers on it. With that will come unsolicited advice on parenting, it’s also unqualified advice, for two negatives make a positive.

A little about me: I am a single mom who is three or four shades of queer, and that’s “queer” as in Bisexual/Intersex/Transgender and “queer” as in just plain odd. I’m working my way out of the poor hole that I leaped into a decade or so back, up into middle class, and out the other side if I can. My work is as an Art Conservatrix and furniture restorer, jobs which bring more satisfaction and pleasure than any career I can imagine. I abhor plastic, Generica, homogenisation, conformity, passive acceptance, wilful ignorance, secrets, and patriarchal values. I love kittens, home-baked bread, weaponry, resistance to tyranny, honesty, equality, Texture, complexity, and freaky movies. Some things I say may put you off, may trigger unpleasant things in your memory, may stir you into a froth, and if we’re lucky may make you chuckle. My coping strategy is to make merry. I was the fat jovial kid, think: Roseanne Barr and Dom DeLuise’s love child who was raised in the alleyways of Chicago by Bill Hicks and Gilda Radner. Can I possibly be that talented and funny? No, but it explains my personality pretty well.

Given the state of things, and the anxieties brought on by legislators, general schmuckatude, religious fundamentalists, and selfish corporations, I have a lot of ground to cover. I’m going to solve all the problems of the world, one at a time. Join me, won’t you, on a trip to the stars and back! By the time we do get back, the Earth will have aged a couple million years, and maybe we’ll be the only humans left. Yippee!